Sunday, April 22, 2012


there's two words that i can.not.spell. like, ever. i never get them right no matter how hard i try.

they are definantley (definitely) and resteranunt (restaurant).

i was told that definitely is easy when you remember that it contains "finite", but every time i think about that, i forget how to spell finite (i actually spelt it finate then!)

and restaurant, i know that theres a u in there, i just forget where and throw it in whenever!

sorry for the boring/geek post, it was just something that was on my mind!

and just to up the geek factor a little, here's a list of the 25 most misspelled words;

  1. definitely ( definately)
  2. sacrilegious (sacreligious)
  3. indict (indite)
  4. manoeuvre (UK spelling-usually spelled maneuver in the US-misspellings manuever, manuver)
  5. bureaucracy (beaurocracy)
  6. broccoli (brocolli)
  7. phlegm ( phleghm)
  8. prejudice (predjudice)
  9. consensus (concensus)
  10. unnecessary (unecessary)
definitely made it! do you have any words that bother you?


  1. J! I used to have so much trouble with definitely too! The way i got out of the habit (i used to write definately) was to think of infinity... I don't know why, because it still isn't quite the same, but it worked for me haha. x
    (it's Helgz by the way :p)

  2. Me eddyoumacashun iz gud n dunn havv dem probbolumz

  3. My words are almost exactly the same. :)


Thank You XX