Monday, April 23, 2012

you're totes amaze

so, now that bali has been and gone and my marriage is no longer consuming my every thought, i need to come up with some content for this ole blog.

i'm going to start a regular(ish) post called "you're totes amaze" which will act as a forum for all thing totes amaze! people, pics, links, whatever.

this week, to coincide with my new love for pintrest i'm going to post my favorite pics from my boards.

 one day i'll have a travel partner

and our passports will look like this

 i'll have a gorgeous little secluded cottage like this

and in my sweet little cottage, i'm going to have a reading nook

one with a window is even better!

i need a neon blazer

totes ready for big jumpers and socks and boots weather

loving paper bag pants and striped tops

 gotta try this, it's just glass marbles placed in the fence to make it sparkle

gotta try this too, environmentally friendly graffiti made with moss!

amaze manicure

all via pintrest

are you on pintrest?

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  1. Big jumpers, socks and boots - "totes" love it!


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