Tuesday, May 1, 2012

all the firsts - check

they are all done, i got through them all - all the firsts - the first time i had to do something since the breakup. his birthday, christmas, new years, wedding anniversary, my birthday, the anniversary of the day it all finished. there were many more, and probably more to come, but those were the significant ones.

it was a momentous year, possibly surpassing my eighteenth, which held many of my most life changing experiences. but now i can close this year off, fold it up and put it in storage with some moth balls.

it was a hard year and it helped make me who i am today. but it does not define me. i'm not the girl whos husband left her, i'm not the girl who lives with her cats, i'm not the girl who never needs a plus one. i'm jandy, a stronger, wiser version, but ultimately the same jandy as i would be without having experienced this.

i'm just jandy, but jandy with the world at her feet.

free as a bird.

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