Thursday, May 10, 2012

the doesn't really deserve a title (or even reading) post

i'm sorry, it's another brain dump post! nothing really important to say, i've just been doing some thinking. i have anemia, (the hardest thing i've found about being single is learning to cook, hence a poor diet, hence anemia). i'm always tired, and it leaves time for a lot of thinking, you'll have to excuse me, there may be a few of these!

i walked into the bathroom yesterday, a few minutes after having had a shower. i was immediately taken to my hotel room on kuta beach in bali. the smell of the steam, just like that filling my ensuite a few months ago.

it's funny how smells can do that, take you back in time. freshly mown lawns in summer see me running under the sprinkler with mazz, after dinner, but before ice cream, on a warm january evening. the smell of the crisp air on a winter morning has me standing outside a cafe in seattle, waiting for the underground tour to start. i'm 4 years old and sitting on my dindans (grandfathers) lap whenever i smell saw dust. 

songs are the same. i'm dancing with claire on the boot of her bright yellow corolla at lilydale lake when i hear a song by fur, taking silly photos in a photo booth with katie at a gay bar in adelaide when i don't feel like dancing by the scissor sisters plays, i'm walking from spencer st station into the doors of the star bar when i hear the "wooo hooo" of blurs song 2 and walking the streets of new york with my sisters as soon as usher starts singing omg. when i hear everybody hurts, i'm driving through the dandenongs in max, crying my eyes out and howling along with the lyrics.

i don't know how to finish this up, like i said, it was just something i was thinking about...

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  1. oh the memories we have from the Star Bar!


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