Tuesday, May 8, 2012

it's ok

jandy, sometimes you need to be reminded that it's ok to skip the bookwork for the night in favour of a spontaneous mid week party, forgive yourself for staying in bed until noon on sunday, and it's ok that you'd rather be at home than in a crowded nightclub full of strangers on a saturday night. forgive yourself for not getting out of your pajamas at all yesterday - everyone needs a day like that - in moderation.

 jandy, it's ok that you sometimes feel like it's all to much, because deep down, you know that this too shall pass. forgive yourself the missed invitations and the promises of interstate travel to visit those you love, you'll get there eventually. forgive yourself for not being like everyone else - it's part of what makes you you.

forgive the feeling of unworthiness that shrouds you when you're amongst your closest friends and family, because it's all in your head - no one thinks that you're unworthy - except you.  forgive yourself for your messy hair today - you gave a fish bone braid a go, and it looked awesome - at 6 o'clock this morning.

forgive your love for fashion and writing and drawing - you compare yourself to others and feel like you don't deserve to say that you can "do" any of the above - that, my dear, couldn't be further from the truth.

forgive yourself for the late night iphone games, and the extra money spent on party hats and rainbow coloured nail polish - nothing that makes you smile is ever a waste of money. it's ok that you're not as strong or confident as you wish because everyday you are working on it.

forgive yourself for the unmown lawn, unwashed car and dishes sitting by the sink. forgive the instability you feel because of said mess - it's really not that messy at all!

forgive yourself the days where salt and vinegar chips and a coke zero pass as a meal. forgive the love you gave out but never got in return. forgive the years you put into a relationship of unrequited love and respect.

forgive your past, all of it, because it's your path, your road, and yours alone. a road traveled often with loved ones, but more often than not, in solitude.

as is often the case around here, this piece came about from being inspired by the amazing meg fee

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