Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the beautiful things

beautiful flowers on the window sill
beautiful, fat, fluffy gucci looks like he has no legs
beautiful bright green grass and koa running through the middle
beautiful view of the mountains surrounded in cloud
beautiful grey sky out my front door
beautiful blue sky out my back door, taken seconds after the grey sky one
 beautiful koa chilling amongst the cushions after his big walk and bath
beautiful colours of cushions from bali
beautiful craft paper
beautiful colours in my heart collage
beautiful rain drops that look like fairy lights

my challenge at think beautiful this week was to set a timer a few times a day, when the timer goes off i was to find something beautiful.

i'm generally the type of person who does this in day to day life with out even thinking about it, but it was nice to make a conscious effort to find the beauty around me, especially as i spent most of the weekend inside.

sunday morning i set out the door to buy flowers and paper - a nice morning outing to cross some things off my "to do list". as i took my keys from my handbag i realised that one of my cats had pissed inside it. awesome start to the day.

later on that afternoon i emailed karls my challenge and remembered the cat piss and the contents of my handbag in the rubbish bin and the heftier shopping bill than expected to replace said contents. and i realised that taking the time to find the beautiful things around me during the day had made me forget all about my bad start to the day. can't really endorse this challenge more than that.

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