Thursday, July 12, 2012

my garden

one thing steve and i did do right was landscape our garden.

we built it from scratch and worked so hard. we spent weekends planting trees and shrubs and veggies and flowers, building retainer walls and ponds, laying pathways and pulling weeds. it was our pride and joy. as we planted fresh trees and shrubs i remember wishing for the day that it all became established and we could enjoy everything we had accomplished.

we got to enjoy a few years of our established garden, but unfortunately in the last couple of years it became one of the many things to suffer from neglect. though i still loved to watch the seasons change in our garden, the spring that bought flowers and fresh growth, fruit on the trees and veggies in the garden. summer with the shade from the big gums and the smell of jasmine filling the air in the evenings. autumn with all the colours of the leaves and i especially loved winter, the trees that kept their leaves and the lawn so green, the dust washed away by the rain and through the flourishing weeds were pops of yellow from the daffodil bulbs i had scattered around.

maybe, if you were really lucky, you might even get snow on the ground.

i miss those daffodils, i miss the ferns, the big birds nest in the front yard, i miss the hedge of conifers that lined the front border, i miss the pond and the fruit trees, the bbq area, the secret path that went nowhere, the huge twisted cherry tree that must have been over 100 years old, most of all i miss the view.

so many animals loved that garden like i did. wild animals like blue tongue lizards and beautiful birds, and the pets; chickens and ducks, a goose, a lamb, 4 amazing dogs and 7 puppies, more cats than one can count, rabbits and guinea pigs and of course the pig who out grew the garden! some animals still remain...

i wonder if the bird of paradise, or the crape myrtle ever flowered, did the mandarins ever take off?, how about the back hedge - did darcy, the goat over the back, ever stop pruning it for long enough that it grew? have the new people discovered the secret tree house in the old cherry tree, do they ever sit on the seat up near where scruffs and gi gi rest to watch the sun change the colour of the dandenongs? have they put chooks in the pen? do they put seed on the feeders and admire the chatter of birds through the kitchen window? have they changed anything, do they love it like i do?

my next house will have a garden just like that one, but perhaps on a smaller, more maintainable scale...

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