Wednesday, July 4, 2012


my princes.

i've learnt a lot from animals over the years. but no animal has had so many lessons to teach than princess. she's taught me that beauty really is on the inside.

if i'm completely honest, when i found out that princey would loose her feathers, i wondered if i would still want to pat her, i usually hate icky gross stuff like a bird with no feathers.

i wouldn't even think twice about patting her these days and she has so few feathers that you could count them. to anyone else, yeah she does look pretty icky and gross, but in my eyes, she's perfect.

she doesn't let the fact that she can't fly get her down,(ha, pun not intended, but kinda clever, hey?!!)  she's learnt to climb, and what she wants to climb, she walks to. when she wants to come down, she plays fireman and slides her way to the floor.

she kisses and says hello, the best is when you walk in the door and you're greeted with a big "hello" from her. she sings and laughs and chats, she talks to the wild cockys who fly past. when i leave the house she waves goodbye. she loves standing on my lap and having a pat, she loves pats on her tail which we call bum bums, she doesn't love wingys anymore and she only let's me pat her head and neck when she's just woken up.

she loves playing with her bell and kissing herself in her mirror, she loves undoing knots and dancing along her perch. princey loves cheese, pieces or melted on bread, she goes crazy if i give her chocolate - cute crazy !! - she loves most human food; choc chip bickies, maccas french fries, rice, pizza, coco pops, cornflakes, 2 minute noodles...

she lives in a house with 6 cats and a dog and holds her own, she walks along the floor like she owns the place and often has the cats sleeping on her table while eating right next to them. if anyone gets too close she gives them a quick peck and sometimes grabs a cats tail as they walk past! I love my pretty pricey.

i think were both as lucky as each other to have had her come to live with me.

she still sleeps with one foot tucked up, which is a sign of health, so she's obviously still going strong :)

you can read more about princess here

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  1. Awww poor princess, sounds like she's having a rough time. She's lucky to have you looking after her xx


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