Thursday, August 23, 2012

another first checked off

i don't think i've ever been so hesitant to publish a post before!

a couple of weeks ago i went on my first date.

it was pretty much a disaster.

but i'm surprising myself with my reaction, i find it rather amusing. i kind of like that i have a first date disaster story.

in all honesty, it was doomed from the get go. i drove there with an attitude. like i do pretty much every time i have to do something for the first time because i'm single, i find myself cursing steve for making me have to do this, i'm 34 i'm too old for this, if he wasn't a shitty husband i wouldn't have to be doing this. it's illogical and pathetic, but what can i say, i'm a human with real emotions, not a robot.

and i was tired, like really tired because of a medical condition. i thought of canceling because i was so tired and knew i'd be boring and want to leave early, but i'd already rain checked more than once. plus i would have been disappointed in myself and that's worse than someone i barely know being disappointed in me. i had to put my big girl pants on.

he was lovely when i arrived, (thank god, i was dreading the awkwardness of me arriving first!) he was already there and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. we sat in front on the fire place while the band set up behind us. it was all really nice and there weren't too many awkward silences.  i sat and looked at him at one stage while we were talking and thought to myself this isn't actually too bad, i'm not going to write this off just yet.

but the conversation must have got boring because then the drinks started flowing, his, not mine and the really bad dad jokes, i had to excuse the spitting while he spoke because i know i'm guilty of that after a few drinks too but it was the not listening to my answers when he asked me a question and telling of stories two or three times that really took it's toll.

i wasn't hiding my tiredness, in fact i could be accused of making it a little too obvious because i noticed him check out his watch and then he gave me an out, asking if i was tired. i asked what the time was and by his answer we'd been there for over two hours. i figured that was a decent go of it and i took his out.

he walked me to my car and kissed my cheek. but missed and kissed my glasses leaving a big smudge covering one of my eyes. awkward. then he went to cross the road and i had to stop him from crossing the road in front of a car.

but he won. i have to give him points. you see, when i started the car up, i noticed the clock - it was an hour earlier than he had said, we'd only been together for an hour and i'd totally been ditched! i didn't realise it at first, naive rookie dater i am, i actually thought it was funny and a little cute that he hadn't been able to tell the time, so i called him and it went straight to message bank. i left a message laughing about it.

when i hung up i put two and two together, telling me the wrong time plus having his phone off - when he'd had two calls in the last hour, was so obviously a ditch.

pretty clever though, i do have to give him some props...

i've had mixed feelings, i think it's clever and really quite funny, a good story to tell, but i'm annoyed that i left that message and he'll be thinking that i didn't get it. i almost want to send a message saying well done! i'm not hurt at all, which, like i said, surprises the hell out of me. and i guess i can count my lucky stars that he only lied about the time. my little sister once faked an asthma attack at the movies, excused her self to "get some air" and proceeded to walk to her car and drive home. the poor guy was still watching the movie, blissfully unaware!

the best part of it all, i can check first first date this century off the list!

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