Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my closet

hi, i'm jandy and i have too many clothes do not have enough closet space.

i spent 4 hours on sunday tidying up the mess that was my closet. everything was shoved in and everything needed an iron if i wanted to wear it after being crumpled up!

it was like shopping! i found my favorite old jacket and several clothes that still had tags!

before you start thinking this is a brag post, let me make it clear that it's not, for starters, if you knew me in real life and complimented my clothes, you know you'd almost always get an answer along the lines of "oh, i got it for 5 bucks from kmart" - it's my defence mechanism i think, rather than accepting that someone wanted to pay me a compliment!

and secondly, theres barely anything in that wardrobe that cost more that $40 each bar my jeans and birthday and christmas presents from my mummy. i just have this thing where i can't spend more that $40 on anything! chalk that up on the reasons jandy is a freak list!

i don't drink much, i don't smoke, don't drink coffee so this is my vice, i think we are all allowed one right?!

about 2 months ago, i put myself on a shopping ban until i visit new york. because this is what happens in new york;

 but then i really needed mint jeans, and floral ones and the dress was half price and the jumper with lambs was toooo cute to resist. i also really need a floral blazer. so i'll probably start that ban after i find a pretty floral blazer. i mean look, that closet needs a floral blazer, am i right?!

 so i sorted my pants out. i never used to buy pants, just wear the same ones over an over. but i have a slight obsession with coloured denim at the moment, so theres 10 pairs hanging on those big hangers and then two pairs of pants on each of the others! and they're my blazers and casual jackets to the left.

 i bought a clothes rack and i hung all my pretty dresses and skirts on it and put it in my studio, so now my studio is a studio/dressing room.

 and colour coded all my tops and put them in piles of long sleeve tops, pretty tops, t-shirts etc etc

 i put all my hats together and colour coded my jumpers and cardies

 my skirts are no longer squashed in and each of those dress hangers hold at least 3 dresses each ;/

and all my big jackets and capes went into the closet in my studio
(with my wedding dress at the end there)

 i'm not much of a shoe addict but still the few i do have are too many to fit!

 and i still have to sort out my boots

blurry pic (i need a tripod) but i'm pretty happy with the end result!
plenty of room for my new york shopping!


  1. You're not a freak...but shit that made me laugh!! :)

    I am shoe obsessed and have them in 3 different wardrobes lol

    Bushy xxx

  2. it sounds like we need to combin our wardrobes bush!!!

  3. Im very much like you , as I too kmart shop and cannot justify for the life of me spending more than $ 50 on anything , I wear one pair of pants day in and out until the get thread bare but I manage to fix them still. They r my comfort and my I'm not confident to wear any other pants ( that's my issue big issue for another time) I'm trying to treat myself as I feel I work extremely hard for my money and in the long run I can't take it were I go so why not enjoy? Now guilt is another issue all together!
    I love your blogs too

  4. thanks niki! that's exactly what i think... we work hard, we deserve to treat our selves! xx


Thank You XX