Wednesday, August 22, 2012

new york

i'm going back to new york in november.
mazz, buzzy and i are going home.
new york holds a special place in my heart, i haven't been able to pin point the "why" yet....

my first visit to nyc was on a 3 week trip through the us. ny was just another stop.

see, i don't really got excited about travelling - don't get me wrong, i love it, but i'm never in that can't sleep in anticipation type stage. actually, come to think about it, i don't actually get excited about much really - freaking weirdo, i think it's because i rarely live in the moment. 

but ny was different. we caught the train from washington dc to penn station and i could feel the excitement start to build as we got off at penn station.

when i walked out of the subway and into the street i was surrounded by hundreds of people, steam coming out of man holes in the road like you see in the movies, and yellow cabs. yell.ow.cabs!!

mazz and ma told me a little while a go that they both looked at me when i walked out of the subway, to see my reaction. because they had been there before. they knew that feeling. and they tell me that i reacted exactly as expected.

it's hard to describe, it's like i am in new york city, it makes you want to jump up and down like a kid - i think i actually did do that! it makes you want to kick your legs from side to side - new york new york style (or maybe thats just me and mazz?), it makes you smile - inside and out, it's like you just walked onto a movie set. it's exactly what you imagine - and more.

i'm not a city person. i would much prefer spending time in the country or at the beach but it's the city that i love about new york. the homes with front stoops and the bars below street level - cheers style, the icons - empire state, the statue of liberty and the brooklyn bridge, it's the haunting sadness that lingers at the wtc site and the bustling excitement that you can't help but be a part of in times square, it's the ice skating rink at rockafella, it's shopping in soho and the slice of pizza bigger than your face from a little place in hells kitchen, it's the basketball courts in harlem, it's the mix of every walk of life pouring out of broadway theaters and its the combination of old and new - buildings that are older than my country. and it's the fact that in the middle of all these buildings, all this concrete is the most amazing park you could dream of and it's sharing it with my sisters. 

we were lucky enough to be in new york when it snowed on one of our trips and it was absolutely magical.i also spent 10 hours waiting for the ball to drop. unable to leave our "cage" to eat drink or wee. it was something i'll never ever forget and it was something that i'll never ever do again!

have you ever visited new york? tell me all about it!

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