Thursday, August 9, 2012

real life awesome

a few years ago i had an obsession with hollywood celebrities. it developed into an unhealthy mindset that to gain the tag of awesome, one must be rich and famous, have paparazzi on their heals and grace the covers of magazines.

it wasn't a conscious decision, but i slowly stopped visiting gossip sites and buying trashy magazines. and i started seeing that there were awesome people all around me. in. real. life.

people that are living everyday with a medical condition and a positive attitude, people that are living their life with the purpose of helping others, people who devote their lives to achieving their goals, mothers bringing up amazing children who face extra challenges, mothers who's hearts break for the children they have lost but still face each new day, people who hit rock bottom and turn their lives around, people who bounce back - heart break after heart break, people who have to rebuild their lives after moving to a new country, people who travel the world...

most of these people will never have their faces on the cover of vogue or be chased down the street by men holding cameras, but i was thinking that it was about time they had their moment to shine.

so i'm going to start a regular post where i feature a real life awesome person (or people). i'm going to call it real life awesome, because i'm really imaginative like that.

i have a few (a lot of) people in mind, but if you know of someone awesome, or you're awesome yourself, and you think it's their time to shine (albeit a little tiny sparkle in my little corner of the internet, but it's a good place to start!), i'd love to hear more, email me or comment below.


  1. I have a few "awesome" people that you could write about - no doubt you have already thought of them too!

  2. send me an email and we'll compare!


Thank You XX