Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i love to waste my time on the internet

i'm the girl who sends everyone links to awesome sites and apps. i see something yummy, i send ali the link, cute or funny, katie gets a link, amusing and or strange, travel or new york and mazz and buzz are about to get the link! what can i say? i love the internet, i love its vast range of information, but i especially love it's vast range of weird!

i also love lists, so what could be better that putting my loves in one spot - and writing a list of internet links!

unfortunately, the internet isn't always used for information and entertainment. this post on bullying is a must read.

i'm a little late on the band wagon, but a beautiful mess has become one of my daily reads.

i've just finished reading january first. it left a lot of questions, and as i often do, i've been slightly obsessed with googling and wikipeadiaing (yes, that is a word!) every detail i can.

i went skydiving on sunday and highly recommend the melbourne skydive centre should you ever wish to throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane.

a story well told can change the world” is the driving force behind takepart’s daily mission: to inspire and accelerate social change by connecting compelling content to social action.

some people have amazing imaginations, take this person, who took bikes out of the picture leaving the illusion of people floating.

and this guy who invited people to "go back to the future" by recreating childhood photographs.

and this guy who post texts from his dog. in his words... "yeah, it's weird".

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