Monday, September 17, 2012





for some reason, of which i'm still unsure, i went skydiving yesterday.
it was crazy, horrible, amazing, surreal and peaceful all at the same time.

when i've flown in a small plane before - with dougie or on my lesson - we flew to around 3,000, today we jumped from 14,000! the flight was beautiful, for some reason being in a creaky old plane doesn't scare me in the slightest, but as we got above the clouds it was freezing and we had steam when we spoke.

sharon and i had plans of going first and second, but we ended up being second last and last, but everyone jumped out so fast you didn't have time to get scared by the people before yous' faces.

all of a sudden i was sitting on the edge of a plane at 14,000 feet with my legs hanging out. i can't really describe the first few seconds, it wasn't scary in the slightest, more surreal. i registered that i was falling from the sky then like a sledge hammer the pressure hits my face and i'm gasping for air, praying for the parachute to go up and trying to remember where my arms and legs were meant to be. with my lips and cheeks flapping around like mr ed.

the free fall was literally painful. it was like putting your head out of the car window and not being able to breath times like forty billion.

but then the chute went up and we were floating through the clouds. it was so peaceful and unbelievable, the view was stunning - seeing everything i've seen while in the small planes... but with no plane protecting me.

the landing was no where near as hard as i imagined, more like going down a slip and slide.

we got a dvd of the jump. a dvd that no one will ever see!
i also saw xavier rudd on friday night, possibly the best i've ever seen him live probably because it was such a small venue. the fact that it was local and he called us "hill people" (in an endearing way!) were big bonuses.
i also went to the funeral for a friends bother. it was a beautiful, honest, heart felt but terribly sad send off. it was a morning that will remain in my thoughts for a very long time.


  1. I'm jealous you have pictures like these!! When I went skydiving it was another $175 to get pictures and a DVD and I just couldn't pay for it, but it would have been awesome. :)

    1. they were part of the package :) was a bit extra but not that much! theres some REALLY bad ones!!

  2. I love the pics of you skydiving!! I did it for my 19th and loved it! Screamed the whole time though haha. I'm really sorry to hear about your brother's friend :(

    1. i don't think i screamed, i don't think i actually made a sound!

      thanks you xx

  3. Well done Floss, definitely one thing no doubt ticked off your bucket list!! You only look a "tad" bit scared, he!he! Can't even imagine what it would feel like- TERRIFYING?????
    So proud of you my flying birdie xx

    1. thanks nan! not terrifying at all but the free fall was not nice!


Thank You XX