Thursday, November 15, 2012

life and stuff

well hello blog world.

it's been a little while hey, an unintentional blogging hiatus. i guess life became more of a priority than writing. and that's a good thing.

a special hi goes out to carlyn, karly and lesley whose kind words made me realise that i needed to get back here.

so much has happened since i was here last, like my little sister returned from her amazing trip, we spent halloween in hollywood, shots of patron resulted in a hospital visit, spending time in new york following hurricane sandy and seeing the streets the quietest i ever have, visiting our usa mommy in the oc, driving up pch from laguna beach to santa monica with 3 of my favourite people, a hell of a lot of shopping, heaps of great music, not being able to wipe the smile from my face, oh and i even got myself a boyfriend, but we'll get to that a little later...

i guess my trip to the usa is as good a place to start as any. buzz was already in there, staying with mums best friend, our usa mommy, jaina, in the oc. her best friend cazz was flying in on the 30th, mazz and i were originally flying in on november first, until we realised that that meant we'd be arriving the day after halloween. as jaina put it; "who arrives in america the day after halloween?" so we changed our flights to october 30th and book the roosevelt hotel right in the heart of hollywood for two nights.

the plan was to head to new york on the first, but hurricane sandy hit while we were in the air and we were unsure if we'd even get in. luckily it was pretty much perfect weather in hollywood. we spent the first day shopping, taking photos of the hollywood sign and the stars on hollywood boulevard and spending far too much money on a few drinks and a plate of nachos at the roosevelt pool. in our attempt to find somewhere to drink we stumbled upon paris hiltons cafe, red rock and then found a shop where we bought our costumes for the following night.

we spent most of halloween day on a star tour, taking photos of the front of stars houses - most of which i have no clue of which they belong to! then we got changed into our costumes - i was the mad hatter, and if i do say so myself, it was an awesome last minute costume! cazz was a pirate, mazz the cutest snow white you’ve ever seen and buzz was a gorgeous little monster. we caught a cab to santa monica boulevard -which was closed off for the celebrations. and that’s where the fun really began!

it was only the second night on the job for our poor cab driver, after trying to decipher the accents of four excited, slightly crazy aussies buzz ended up having to direct him and then the poor guy got into an accident. we finally got to the street party. i can't even begin to describe how excited i was to be there. this is the first holiday i've had in, i don't even know, that was just a holiday, it wasn't an escape from my shitty life, it was the first holiday that i took it all in and enjoyed every second without the feeling of what's waiting for me when i get back home?

we walked the streets with oompa loompers, adult sized babies, pirates, angels, cheer leaders, aliens and many, many guys dressed as females, barak obama even "approved our costumes", we found a bar and decided to stay put for a while. for the entire lead up to the trip i'd been telling my sisters that we were going to have shots of patron while we were there. so that was our first drink and we followed it up with a few vodka and red bulls. i don't drink very often, and i certainly don't need a lot to get drunk, so it wasn't long before i was feeling the effects. i can't remember much after the patron so i have to rely on my sisters recollection of the night. i apparently spent a lot of time shouting "best halloween EVER!" with my legs giving way every second minute or so. it got to a point where i got kicked out and a poor guy carried me out of the club in his arms. i thanked him by throwing up all over him.

then, from what i'm told, paramedics appeared from nowhere and decided i must go to hospital. i was put in the back of an ambulance, still throwing my guts up and emma got into the front seat. buzz and cazz went off to cedars sinai, which is where they were told i was being taken. meanwhile cedars was full so we were diverted to olympia. poor mazz was balling her eyes out trying to find a way to pay my deposit before they would treat me, fighting with my doctor who thought i was just a drunk, and trying to find buzz and cazz. buzz and cazz however were having the time of their lives taking selfys in front of the emergency room at cedars, none the wiser to the fact that i wasn't even there.

we were finally reunited and i woke up with an iv drip in my arm. i was released and we spent the next hour or so embarrassing australia with our drunken ways. i was certainly not sober when i was released, but i have a feeling that the hospital staff, particularly my doctor, just wanted us out of there. i think it was about 1am when i was released, none of us had had a drink since about ten but we were all still flying. that patron is crazy shit.

the next morning was like the hangover. only being able to put the pieces of the night together after checking our pockets and the pictures on our phones. and may i recommend an iv drip, best hangover cure ever! best halloween EVER!

the next morning we flew to new york. after a 5 hour flight we were greeted with a 2 hour wait in the line for cabs. hurricane sandy had wiped all gas supplies from new york. it was night when we arrived so we were given a false view of the city. it appeared that the hurricane had made very little impact, other than the gas shortage.

we took a hop on hop off bus the next day and realised that downtown manhattan was the only place on the island with power. if you’ve even been to new york city you would understand what a massive deal that is. battery park was closed, basically everything past the flat iron building was closed. the boardwalk along the hudson showed the devastation that sandy had bought to this beautiful city. we started to see news reports about jersey and staten island. we realised just how lucky we were and how bad sandy had actually been.

our time in new york was short, spent mainly shopping, eating and drinking, but as always, it was perfection. new york city is the greatest city in the entire world.

we flew back to la for our last couple of days which were to be spent at huntington beach. we had organised a mustang convertible, dreaming of driving with the roof off down pch. however 4 girls and a weeks worth of shopping doesn’t fit well into a mustang and we were forced to hire a minivan - sorry buzz - an suv. we drove down the 405 to costa mesa where jaina lives, and spent some time at her gorgeous little house with her 3 cats before heading to the cheese cake factory for dinner and some more shopping in the mall.

the next day we drove up the pch, music up, having a ball. i remember sitting there thinking "i should be at work right now, but i'm on the pch with 3 of my favourite people, could life get better?" i spend a lot of time at work dreaming of what i would be doing if i wasn't working, but it's rare that i'm actually doing those things and being in the moment and enjoying it.

so, that's the trip. i guess it's time to talk about the boyfriend hey?! i don't want to write too much, i don't know how happy he'd be about being the subject of a blog post! although this little blog here is something that helped us get together (he read it and wrote to me on facebook saying that he liked it, awww!) but i will say that he's made me happier than i think i've ever been. he's just like, wonderful, more than i've ever dreamed of. he's so unbelievably nice to me, he's honest and confident and goes to work every day, he still likes me despite the fact that he's been inside my crazy house and met my crazy zoo, he's understanding, caring and patient and kind. he knows my past and isn't bothered by it. it's so easy being with him, i mean the first date was awkward with a capital a, but even then i could see the potential. i never ever imagined i would have this, i truly thought i was destined to be alone for the rest of my life, and i had kind of come to terms with that fact.

best of all he just kisses me randomly, for no other reason than he wants to.

i'm so freaking happy, i seriously can't wipe the smile off my face. usually, in the past happiness equated to the shit was about to hit the fan. but that's my old life. i'm trying really really hard to change that mindset and just enjoy this.


  1. you put a smile on my face with that, so deserving to be loved xxxx

  2. You always wondered what it would feel like to have someone who wanted to spend time with you. Now you have it Floss, enjoy the ride, it's going to be one full of extreme happiness. Ah Patron, i thought those crazy drinking days we left behind when we used to change Oma's light globes?? You only live once- what a fantastic trip you had, the BEST Halloween ever!!!!


Thank You XX