Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ames christmas party


last week i attended the christmas party for ames, the organisation i volunteer for.

it was a really interesting night. like a lot of things i've done this year, it was an opportunity i'd have never experienced had i not pushed my boundaries.

such a diverse group of people. migrants from many different countries such as burma, cambodia, china, mexico and thailand - many who spoke little english -  and their families and volunteer tutors and their families.

we watched performances by 2 choirs and a mexican woman and then we ate and mingled. each family bought a plate of food so there was a vast variety of dishes to try. we all left with full tummys.

i'm so proud to call tookta my friend, to learn from her and to see how i've helped her become more comfortable speaking, reading and writing english. i'm proud of myself too, proud that i made this commitment and stuck with it and proud that i make my mum proud of me.

i was so happy and proud to share the experience with tookta and her husband tony and honored that my mum and phil joined me. there's no words that can really describe what it means to have people actually want to share these experiences with me.

2012 has been an amazing year, made all the more amazing by new friends and experiences like this.

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