Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the little things

being in a new relationship is fun and lovely, sometimes scary and a little awkward, but mainly awesome.

it's the little things that i never even realised i was missing that make it special.

like sitting on the couch with someones arm wrapped around me, or having someone hold my hand just to walk from the car to a shop, or having my forehead kissed - just because, someone asking how my day was, and sending me "good morning" messages, someone who wants to spend time with me-because they want to, not because they have to, someone who listens to me and values my opinion, and cooks me meals and thinks it's fun to grocery shop and puts up christmas lights for me and loves my animals, someone who likes that i'm a geek and thinks i look cute in my reading glasses, someone who i sometimes catch looking at me and when he sees that i've caught him gives me the biggest most gorgeous smile, someone who makes me laugh and makes me feel special and worthy of love, best of all - someone who gets along with my friends and family, which is the most important thing in my eyes.

and it's also the little ways in which i have changed (for the better) that i don't even realise until it's pointed out to me.

like realising that i don't stay awake worrying about my future anymore, realising that i talk a lot more than i ever have, and smile so, so much more, stress much less, am more spontaneous and less pedantic about having to have things done on a certain day by a certain time, that friends and family ring me out of the blue these days because i'm not a drain on their emotions anymore, apparently i sometimes even lift them up with my new found happiness, and realising that a relationship isn't meant to be one sided or hard work, realising that sometimes people want to do things for you and all they want in return is for you to be happy - and that it's ok to let people do that for you, realising that all the little things that i worried about in the off chance i would one day begin a new relationship don't even enter my mind anymore.

i honestly didn't think i'd ever have another relationship, truth be told - i didn't really even want one, because i associated a relationship with hard work, one person giving while the other takes. but this isn't like that, this is nice and easy and fun and more than i could have ever dreamed of.

i'm feeling very lucky and happy at the moment.


  1. As I said to you earlier, from little things, big things grow. When you don't go in search of something special, that "special" someone is right around the corner in search of you. I am truly so glad that you both have found happiness. I can't wait to meet Lucky Phil, he sure does seem like a lovely man. I can just imagine you two snuggled up on the couch, your zoo of animals around you, both utterly in love - bliss!


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  3. I am so incredibly happy for you and you seriously give everyone a little piece of hope that it could be great even when things feel at their worst. Hugs to you lady!


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