Wednesday, January 30, 2013

playing grown ups

phil and i have been living together now for a couple of months. cohabitation i think they call it. i love it.

last night i drove up to the shop to get some plastic containers for lunch, while phil cooked our dinner. on the way home i realised how happy i was, how a simple thing like buying containers could bring me joy. because i was buying them for us.

i love the feeling of normality.

i love sitting and watching him cook our dinner, i love making our lunches (especially when i get a message telling me how awesome it was)

i love when we spend a night getting drunk and watching youtube videos together, i love buying plants and planting them together, i love when he rests his head on my lap and falls asleep while we're watching tv on the couch.

i love that he owns about a billion books and has filled my bookshelves with them, i love that we've made my house our house, i love that we like entirely different music, i love that he helps me feed the animals, and that he tries so hard to make princey feel comfortable around him.

i love that the answering machine has both of our names on it, i love when there's mail addressed to him in the mail box.

i love that i need to sew buttons back on his pants and wash his dirty socks, i love that we have fun grocery shopping - even though we spend a fortune, i love that i have someone who asks how my day was and i love that i have someone who i can ask "how was your day?"

best of all i love that every night i get to fall asleep next to my favorite person, and every morning i get to see his face.

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