Wednesday, March 27, 2013

31 years ago

you left us on this day 31 years ago.

i've thought about you a lot this week as i finalise a huge closure in my life and the people who love me are helping me celebrate the happiness my life now holds. i wonder what it would be like to have you being a part of those celebrations.

and as always, at this time, i wonder if you have friends thinking of you, reminiscing about the good times, having a drink, making your favorite meal or playing your favorite song in your honor today.

i think about how it would be best for me to pay my respects. i used to go to the crematorium and just walk around, pick a rose and bring it home, but it never felt right. you're not there, your ashes were scattered and your free spirit never grounded with any plaque or whatnot.

i think i'll play some bob marley and the eagles tonight and have a drink for you. i imagine that something simple like that would be how you'd like to be remembered.

i think about mums day 31 years ago and how on earth she got through it and how i have an incomprehensible amount of love and respect for her.

i think about how the time passed since you died is longer than the time you lived and how very, very sad that thought is.

i love that picture above, thank you uncle colin for finding it deep in the archives of days long gone.

i love that you're looking at me, i love that your sporting your famous mo'. i love that we have the same eyes.

i love that there's evidence that we were once together.

in my thoughts always daddy, but especially today.

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  1. what a beautiful blog and the photo a treasure that affirms how much you meant o your dad. I love that you recognise how your mum felt, what an amazing woman to bring you up with such love and joy xxx


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