Monday, March 18, 2013

good bye mr yangs

yesterday i lost one of my best friends. bayang, better known as mr yangs, was hit by a car.
he was missing on saturday and we went out to the animal aid on sunday morning to see if he had been brought in, he hadn't so we left our details and went home, hoping that he might be waiting there. but he wasn't. then after lunch they called to say that a cat matching yangs' description had been bought in, he had passed away.
so i had to go and check if it was him. my poor mr yangs, so healthy on friday sharing a sausage with us at lunch time, was in a bag, wrapped in a towel, he wasn't breathing.
i miss him so much already. he was such a character, such a naughty boy always stealing food off the bench, sitting on our laps for cuddles and digging his claws in, bringing home rats in the middle of the night and meowing from a kilometer away to let us know he was coming home with his kill.
he was also the friendliest cat you've ever met, the first to greet a visitor, almost always at the door waiting for me when i got home from work, always ready to snuggle up, always by our side in the garden.
he's been with me through all the hard times, and now the good times too. he was phil's favorite and i'm so sorry that phil had to lose him, but i'm grateful that he got to met him and love him.
i feel like i've lost part of my wolf pack - the leader of my wolf pack.
thanks for always being with me mr yangs. i miss you and i hope you know how much you were loved. ♥


  1. Oh Jands! I'm so sorry. I have fond memories of yangs! He would come over to my place as a kitten and let himself in, and wander through the house, say hello and then leave as if it was his place too! Such a charming little fellow!

  2. Oh ali, i forgot that he did that! he sure was a character xx

  3. Thinking of you Floss, and Phil too. Losing an animal is like losing a part of your family, they share so many good times with you and give great snuggles too. Treasure those precious memories that you created with Mr Yangs. He had the best life, the best mother to care for him, I know he will be resting peacefully.
    Big kisses and hugs


Thank You XX