Thursday, March 7, 2013

on living a normal(ish) life

it's funny how content for the blog is sporadic. sometimes theres a whole lot i want to say and share, other times there's nothing much.

at the moment it's in between. theres plenty to say, but nothing profound, like there was, say a year ago, when emotions were at boiling point.

life has just been happening, and it's oh so normal and drama free. and who wants to read about my drama free life?! statistics tell me that my most popular posts are the ones in which i pour my heart out, put my vulnerability and faults on show for the world to see.

but one thing i love to do is read back over old post and see where i was, and how far i've grown. the fact that i'm living a normal life is a pretty big milestone. and i want to document my milestones, every one of them, big and small.

so this is what my normal life looks like right now;

i walk three mornings a week. the days are getting shorter and i'm walking in the dark now, but i'm using the quiet time to reflect and try to quieten my mind.

on thursdays i go to yoga. besides writing, or maybe even more than writing, i've never had anything that does my head so much good. my teacher is truly heaven sent.

i laugh with (and at) my amazing family. seriously, could not ask to share my life with greater people. we went to the airshow last weekend and i don't think i've ever laughed so much - well not since the last time we spent the day together.

i took my hair extensions out. it feels lovely to be able to touch my head with out weird lumps all over it. and my hair is pretty much at the same length as my extensions were. when i had them put in three years ago my hair was above my shoulders and now it's to the middle of my back.

we have two chickens - thelma and louise - one (i think it's thelma) lays an egg for us every day. most days we get it before koa - the dog - steals it.

and then on sunday mornings we eat our eggs with bacon and spinach and mushrooms.

our watermelon plant has 3 melons growing, and they are mighty cute. our other plants, grapes, strawberries, boysenberries, passion fruit and some herb that phil bought and i can't remember it's name, are all growing too.

we're buying a dishwasher on the weekend. no dishwasher was fine when i was single and never ate. i might have had a cup and a fork to wash once a fortnight. now theres two of us, and we eat (a lot!), dishes pile up. and theres always something more important/fun to do than dishes. it's our first big purchase together. and i'm weirdly excited about it.

on sunday afternoons we look through recipe magazines (what?!) and decide what we're going to eat for the week. and then we go grocery shopping and spend too much money. but we have fun doing so.

we spend most nights watching tv snuggled on the couch. i usually fall asleep because we're usually watching sbs or abc. although i admit that i'm becoming fond of red dwarf (what??!)

i'm in love, i'm so bloody in love with this guy who cooks me dinner while wearing his sun glasses, this guy who gives me butterflies when i'm driving home because i get to see him, this guy who sends me messages during the day, this guy who listens to the mess in my head when i can't sleep and won't shut up, this guy who's made it possible for me to say "we, our, us and we're", this guy who's made my life normal(ish).

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  1. He cooks with sunglasses on??? Now, I would love to see that!! Truly happy that you are living a normal life, that you have someone to sit and eat with, someone who loves you for the amazing talented, beautiful person that you are. It's lovely that you are getting excited about buying a dishwasher, that's what life is all about - enjoying the little things that make you happy. You've grown over the past year, I knew you could do it, it was always about those baby steps. Well done Floss, you should be ever so proud of yourself xx


Thank You XX