Wednesday, July 3, 2013

and she lived happily ever after...

it's a significant day today.

36 years ago today the world was blessed with the arrival of my beautiful friend jill. my world, and i know many others, has been made better because of that event.

eight months ago today i was in a bar in new york, drinking with my sisters and cazz, (who is a sister, just not biologically) talking to strangers when someone asked if i was single. i said no. then sent phil a message asking if i was right. he agreed, and so began the happiest, 8 months of my life to date.

four years ago today i wrote this. and alis volat propriis was started.

and today, well today is the last time (for the foreseeable future at least) that i'm going to write here.

today is the end of alis volat propriis.

this little part of the internet has played such a huge part in my life and i love having somewhere where i can look back at where i've been and how much i've grown. (i'll keep it online for that reason alone) and i love the people that my blog has bought into my life.

i'm told that reading my words here is something that attracted phil to me - for that i'll be eternally grateful.

alis volat propriis started when i was in a really, really dark place and it gave me an outlet to clear my head of everything that came with living that horrible part of my life.

but for a while now i've not felt so drawn to sharing my feelings with the world.

for a few reasons, most of which are difficult to put into words. most poignantly, however, is that i'm in a far brighter place these days and i figure that it's time to start "doing" rather than "saying" and it's absolutely time to embrace where i am in life, to enjoy the happiness and really focus on believing that i'm worthy of all these good things, to live without analysis.

four years seems like a good place to end.

so thank you each and every one of you who has ever read my words, taken an interest in what i have to say, supported me in those dark days and celebrated with me as the fog lifted.

thank you blog, for giving me my own wings.

and she lived happily ever after.

the end.

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